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Chief Fuller Day

Chief Fuller Day will be held Sept 2 (10am-5pm) 2017. Arts, Crafts, face painting, etc. Food & beverages at Diamond Jim's, Mi Wuk general store, Mi Wuk Kettle Corn, Andy's Mountain Grill. Proceeds to Mountain Youth and Community Theatre (MYACT) Location: Hwy 108 at entrance to Mi Wuk Village.

Experience Mi Wuk Village

Mi-Wuk Village is a small town in the high country (above 4000 foot elevation) that is conveniently located, about 18 miles east of Sonora and 15 miles west of Pinecrest Lake. The town itself has three restaurants, a post office, ranger station, a motel, a bed & breakfast, and many rental cabins.

It is three miles from Twain Harte, which has restaurants, lodging, shopping, and services.

Mi Wuk Village is close to both the high country forest and the historic Gold Country towns in the foothills. The towns below in green are in the forest, while those in gold are in the foothills.

In the general Mi Wuk Village area are also the tiny towns of Sugar Pine (an expresso cafe and bakery, RV park, and mini-mart/gas station), Sierra Village (pizza parlor and gas station), and Long Barn (lodging).

Lyons Reservoir is a few miles from downtown Mi Wuk Village, is open from May to November, with hiking, fishing, and sightseeing. The photos show the dam.

What's New: Chief Fuller Day will be held Sept 3 this year, 2016.

The Me-Wuk Indians

Mi Wuk Village was named to honor the Me-Wuk Indians who have lived in the area for centuries. (There are many alternative spellings, with the present Indians preferring "Me-Wuk".) The Me-Wuk lived in the foothills but would travel up to what is now Sonora Pass to meet with and trade with the eastern Sierra Paiute Indians, staying overnight at various points along the way. The finding of acorn grinding holes in rocks and chips of obsidian (which the Me-Wuks obtained from the Paiutes and used to make tools) are evidence that the Indians indeed stayed here.

The slide show above includes a photo showing a Me-Wuk dwelling made of cedar bark alongside an acorn granary.

The main street in Sonora was once an Indian trail, with a village near a creek. There were also Cherokees. The Me-Wuks were decentralized.

The Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians today have a rancheria (small reservation) in the town of Tuolumne and operate the Black Oak Casino there.


In addition to the usual wildlife of squirrels, racoons, and deer, you might also see wild turkeys like the one below in Mi Wuk Village.

Chief Fuller Day

Chief Fuller Day will be celebrated on Sept 3, 2016, in downtown Mi Wuk Village.

This is a celebration of Chief William Fuller, the Chief of the Tuolumne Band of Me Wuk Indians from 1888 to 1959.

William Fuller became Chief at the age of 15 and served until his death at the age of 86.

A plaque honoring Chief Fuller is in downtown Mi Wuk Village, with the wording as follows:

In respect to the memory of
Chief William Fuller
Who succeeded to the chieftainship of the Mi-Wuk tribe at age 15 in 1888 and until his death continued his great interest in the welfare of California Indians. A rancher, logger, rancheria chairman, weather prophet, oracle and chairman of the California Indian Federation. He was revered by all who knew him. The streets of Mi-Wuk Village today bear the names he placed up on them. Dedicated this 18th of October 1969 by Chief Fuller's brother in Matuca Charter, E. Clampus Vitus.